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Magnamagic Magnetic Receptive Wall Paint - One Quart


  • Turn any wall into a magnet attracting space!
  • Using our magnetic paint is easy and the innovative  solution to transform the walls of your home or office into a fun, creative magnetic receptive surface. It rolls on to any flat surface with ease, just like paint you would buy at your local hardware store.
  • Once you have applied the Magnamagic® Magnetic Receptive paint and are ready for your topcoat then feel free to use any type of paint. You will find that most paints work well with our magnetic receptive primer.
  • Be sure to mix the paint thoroughly. After mixing, apply the paint using a foam roller for a smooth finish. Used as a primer, two or three coats of MagnaMagic magnetic paint are first applied. After drying you can cover the coating with any color paint of your choice. It's as simple as that.
  • •This product is child-safe and non-toxic/non-hazardous and low VOC
  • Durable latex paint
  • Contains magnetic receptive particles
  • Mildew resistant finish
  • Pale gray finish and easy to topcoat for vivid color
  • Interior / Exterior (with exterior paint as topcoat)
  • 3 coats = 10 lb per sq in w/60 mil magnet strength
  • Does not interfere with electronics
  • Great results with sheet magnets

How it works:   When applied, this product gives the surface  metallic properties that a magnet will stick to - just like a refrigerator door is not a magnet itself, but magnets will stick to it because it is metal.  This works the same way,  makes any wall surface into a magnet-attracting surface.

  • Covers 25 sq ft. per quart
  • Can be used with Chalk Board Paint - part # QCBP820


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