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Velcro - Pearl/rep 90594 Velcro Plant Ties


These  30' x 1/2'' rolls of VELCRO plant ties are indispensable for the expert gardener and the casual back-yard cultivator. Use them to stake tomato plants, pepper plants, or rose bushes, tie back large shrubs and bushes for the winter months, and hold together or patch fencing. VelcroŽ is easy to use, completely weather-proof, and can be adjusted as your plants grow without having to be replaced.

  • Used to stake & control plants
  • Wraps into itself for a secure hold - soft on one side,  velcro hooks on the other
  • Gentle on plants
  • Easy to adjust and reposition as plants grow
  • Strong, durable and weather resistant
  • Other uses too!  Christmas lights cord control,  stablize decorations of any season,  workshop organization, etc.
  • Set of six rolls - 1/2 x 30 each roll

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