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Kraft Tool SLSC4872 72in. Al Contract Level
Product# 477237433
Selling for $28.28

Kraft Tool SLHD36 Al Professional Level
Product# 477239235
Selling for $23.68

Kraft Tool SLSC3636 36in. Al Contract Level
Product# 477240182
Selling for $16.34

Stanley 42-480 48in. Top Read Level
Product# 477240554
Selling for $13.9

Stanley Tools 43-524 24in. Fatmax Level
Product# 477241688
Selling for $19.48

GreatNeck Tools 10102 Project Level, 48 inch
Product# 477241797
Selling for $18.89

Kraft Tool SLSC3648 48in. Al Contract Level
Product# 477242967
Selling for $17.94

GreatNeck Tools 10113 Aluminium I Beam Level, 48 inch
Product# 477243668
Selling for $21

Kraft Tool SLPL348 Pl348 48in. Sands Level
Product# 477244125
Selling for $11.08

Kraft Tool SL2828 Sands Cast Alum Level
Product# 477246073
Selling for $28.28

Kraft Tool SLHD24 Hd24 24in. Sands Level
Product# 477246074
Selling for $21.31

Kraft Tool SLRV336 Rv336 36in. Al Extrd Ruled Level
Product# 477247034
Selling for $16.12

Stanley Tools 43-548 48in. Level
Product# 477247315
Selling for $29.59

Kraft Tool SLSC3628 28in. Al Contract Level
Product# 477739970
Selling for $15.03

Stanley 42-240 24in. Stanley Alum Level
Product# 481078731
Selling for $10

GreatNeck Tools 10112 Aluminium I Beam Level, 24 inch
Product# 481078825
Selling for $9.7

Kraft Tool SLPL324 Pl324 Sand Alum Level
Product# 492889870
Selling for $7.59

Kraft Tool SLHD48 Hd48 48in. Sands Level
Product# 477251698
Selling for $29.14

Kraft Tool SL2424 24-24 Cast Alum Level
Product# 477251699
Selling for $26.09

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