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Ames 1575700 Notched Roofers Spade
Product# 477238190
Selling for $26.44

Vaughan & Bushnell (V&B) Manufacturing SH Shingling Hatchet, 14 Ounce 13 Inches Length
Product# 477240567
Selling for $28.32

Estwing E3-CA Shingling Hatchet
Product# 477240863
Selling for $35.35

Estwing E3-S Estwing Shingling Hatchet
Product# 477241774
Selling for $37.04

AJC Hatchet 001-ASG27M Roof Hatchet
Product# 477243287
Selling for $23.97

Seymour Mfg STR-1035 Shingle Remvr Bld Kit
Product# 477243347
Selling for $16.92

Seymour Mfg SG1 Shingle Remover
Product# 477244242
Selling for $39.23

Cooper Tools 11558 11-558 Shingling Hatchet
Product# 477247483
Selling for $24.18

AJC Hatchet 022AJCSR31 Shngle/Slate Ripper
Product# 477247726
Selling for $36.9

AJC Hatchet 002-SG100 Roof Hatchet - Adjustable
Product# 477248438
Selling for $21.29

Red Ripper LITTLE RIPPER Shingle Remover
Product# 477248590
Selling for $34.92

Red Ripper RED RIPPLER Red Ripper Shingle Remover
Product# 477249568
Selling for $38.52

Red Ripper BIG RIPPER Long Handle Shingle Remover
Product# 477250476
Selling for $38.52

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